Welcome to HCC

Personalised, Professional and Award Winning – 4 words that Hainsworth Consulting Company is proud to be able to align with our firm. But why?

Hainsworth Consulting Company also takes care of the pesky little items that would blow out your daily schedule, such as public relations assistance, press release writing, website and profile copywriting, marketing copy and content curation.

Why should you waste your time with these items, when you don’t need to? That’s exactly what we’re here for, what we do daily, and what we love to do.

We find that almost everybody in today’s working age agrees that their jobs leave them in a universal situation – Time Poor. Who has the hours in their day on top of a full-time career to write a profile about themselves? (Seriously, it’s daunting!) Who wants to sacrifice their down time to run Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages? Would you delay meeting with a client or selling a house, just so you can spend an hour on a press release?

Here’s the great news – you don’t need to. Hainsworth Consulting Company is a full-service Marketing, Brand Strategy and Social Media Consulting firm, headed up by Alexandra Hainsworth. Alex can boast (but usually doesn’t) having been a finalist for eight different awards, and winning several, whilst the Head of Marketing for Di Jones in Woollahra. With experience and industry acknowledgement behind her, Alex has created a multi-tiered company that can handle every aspect of Social Media Management and Marketing – from a personalised one-on-one format suited to individual needs, to higher level efficiency audits, rebranding and strategy consultations.


Website Design

Simple to complex, landing page to eCommerce. We’ve built them all. 

Graphic Design

Logos, advertisements, brochures, facebook posts… you name it, we design it. 

Marketing Consultation

We know that not every business can afford in house marketing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. 

Social Media

Content curation is an art, to engage your audience and maintain your brand. 


From blog posts, to website pages to industry articles. You need it written, we will. 

Brand Management

From creating a brand from scratch to monitoring what your team is doing with the brand, we can manage it. 


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