People say to me all the time, “Oh my gosh, you’re superwoman! Three kids under 2 and a business! How do you do it all?” [You should see me grocery shop with a pram and a trolley at the same time!] 

Well quite simply, I just do it. No excuses, no procrastination (well, sometimes) but when I know I have the time to spare. I think it’s probably hard for people to work with me because no excuse in the world could possibly measure up except perhaps hospitalisation. I set goals, and to me that’s the biggest motivator ever. You know how everyone judges their life off of other people’s social media personas? Yeah, I use that as a motivator. 

Sounds a bit silly, yes, but let me explain. I use this mentality across everything. If I say I’m going to do something, I simply do it. If I say I’m going to do something on social media, that’s a solid promise that it will happen. I set realistic goals, and conquer them. I posted mid November on my personal Facebook that I was going to build my twins matching doll houses. In doing so, I created a “contract” with my friends that it was going to happen and I’m the type of person who can’t not do something and make an excuse. (I’ll clarify this is also a fatal flaw, as it causes me to obsess on getting tasks done to the point of spending less time with my family when I could be.) I digress. 


Set a goal for 12 months time. Where do you want to be at the moment in 12 months, New Year’s Eve 2018. Do you want to have more people working for you? Do you want to have more time off? Do you want to have travelled more? Do you want to have X followers on Instagram? Write it down. Now write down each month of the year, and the incremental goals you have between now and this time next year to accomplish that end goal. Personally I have a one, three and five year goal. The one influences the three and five, as well as the latter two being very fluid, well because life.


I have three planners. Yeah, three. One is my day to day. Kids swim lessons, doctors appointments etc. One is for social media only, and is only a month at a time no daily pages. It’s super thin and $2 at Kmart. But I sat down this last week and put in holidays, funny international days and scheduled 52 posts between Jan 1 and June 30. If I were to get so busy that I didn’t look at my Facebook for a month at a time, 52 things would go out to my followers in 6 months. My third planner is a business planner. It has my goals and how each month I plan on reaching them. I don’t look at it every day or carry it with me, but I sit down every week or two to see how I’m travelling and if I’m on track. I look ahead for an entire 12 months (overwhelming at first, but freeing after that) and say I want to travel for 5 days here, and I won’t work for 3 days here. That way as the year gets going, full steam ahead, my breaks and goals are already written in and solidified. Depending on the client and the urgency some of those quiet times might shift, and that’s ok. But the only person in control of that is me, just as I’m the only person in control of my direction and dedication for the year.

I’ll attach the social media goals list that we use here at HCC to track our clients’ goals and how we’re travelling to meet or exceed those. Have a look and model your own goals list for 2018 off of it. I don’t mind sharing.
Happy New Year!