about hainsworth consulting

We’re an eclectic bunch here – we have a self-styled Brand Police Expert who organises everything and doesn’t seem to need sleep, The Instagram Queen whose magic fingers turn posts into Insta Gold, the Copywriting & Social Media addict who gets depressed when she runs out of writing to do, and the most amazing Behind-the-Scenes Guru (also known as the Numbers guy who keeps us all paid).


We are all happy to write for others, but we hate writing about ourselves. Seriously, it’s really hard! So grab a coffee, sit back, and amuse yourself at our attempts to sound somewhat normal.

The Dream Team

Alexandra Hainsworth

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Chris Hainsworth

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Brand Management

brand management is basically monitoring your team, your marketing and your website to make sure that they’re all on the same page…brand police you might call it

Social Media Management

when you want to have that business page you see everyone else has with posts all the time, awesome profile images but don’t have 46 hours in a day

Pay as you go Marketing

when you need great marketing, but your business doesn’t have the cash flow for a full time trained marketing executive