Chris Hainsworth

Director & The Numbers Guy


2016 - Current

Construction in Sydney

Since 2016 Chris has been involved in road and rail upgrade projects. He started off as a labourer and worked his way up as a leading hand in both industries across Sydney in a short time frame. From managing a team on the Narellan Road Stage 2 upgrade, to rail maintenance and shutdowns, he finds himself in a position of leadership. Moving into a position on the Westconnex new M5 he will utilise his skill set to manage and see the job to completion in 2020.

2012 - 2016

Mining in Western Australia

In 2012 Chris landed on his feet in the mining and construction boom of Western Australia. He assisted in a variety of projects across the Pilbara  in Iron Ore, Gold, Copper to Nickel and the Oil & Gas industries in construction, maintenance and commissioning stages. The valuable skills and knowledge he attained whilst in this lucrative industry helped him shift towards working back home at his residence in Sydney on some of New South Wales largest projects.


2010 College of Southern Nevada Las Vegas

General curriculum & business

2009-2010 Santa Ana College

EMT & Fire Science Technology

Random Talents

Cars, cars and more cars. 

About Chris

Chris is the co-director of Hainsworth Consulting (because he’s a super supportive husband obviously) and helps where possible with accounts, invoices and proposals. He’s one of those people who can multiply big numbers in his head, and can manage finances and budgets like it’s nothing. He doesn’t work with HCC as a job, but more as an interested party (husband). 



All the math


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