Erin Morris

Instagram Queen & Admin


2011 - 2012

San MediTech Co., Ltd., International Business Coordinator

Working in Beijing China, and reporting directly to the CEO, Erin assisted with the development, marketing and distribution of medical devices throughout Asia and Europe.

2012 - 2013

International Understanding Assistant Language Teacher

International Understanding Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) is a teacher/cultural exchange program between the City of Chula Vista, CA, and the City of Odawara, Japan that began approximately 30 years ago.  This position is incorporated into the daily curriculum of assigned schools and was a direct report to the Odawara Board of Education. 


Hainsworth Consulting Company

Working with Alex, Erin has been managing instagram accounts for clients, not just posting and using #hashtags correctly, but also engaging with the followers and replying. Erin also helps with admin tasks where necessary utilising her masters to assist with proposals and contracts. 

2014 - Present

Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages

Developed and managed multi-level course material on North American Culture. Created and managed a basic communication course, instructed second year upper and lower level students in Presentation through the English International Communication program. 

Random Talents

Travelling everywhere, taking cooking classes anywhere travelled and speaking a gazillion languages. 


2009 - 2010

Masters in Business Administration, degree emphasis in Global Marketing

Concordia University Irvine

2005 - 2009

Bachelors Degree majoring in International Studies
Double Minor in Writing & Anthropology

Concordia University Irvine


International Studies

Palazzo dei Cerchi - Florence Italy



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About Erin

So you're a reader...well here you go, read away. 

Basically Erin has literally done it all, and travels constantly. She knows and understands cultures throughout the world, as well as speaking a fair few of those languages (or currently learning them.) She is an asset to the team with her education, but more with her life experiences giving her the uncanny ability to connect with social media users on a personal level, especially on Instagram where the users are more readily global. 


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